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Sims mod and cheat help


Apologies for any typos in advnce, I am disabled and find it hard to reach the keyboard.

I’ve been a simmer for several years now. I decided to stay with sims 3 as I have all the expansion packs and am working on getting the stuff packs. One thng I haven’t done is learnt a lot of cheats or used mods, but as I am staying with it I hope to improve my gameplay.

I have 3 mods from NRAAS: master controller and error trap (I was told make game smoother and help me reset sims if they get stuck but only use a couple of buttons) and saver that reminds me to save regularly so I don’t have those 3 hour sessions followed by a crash!

I want to get more advanced though, preferably using mods rather than typing chet codes as I find typing hard

1: I want to move a family to another town, but two of their kids have moved out and have partners. I want to take them to and get them new homes. Is there a way to do this?

2: I plan to move to starlight shores, will the seeds from explansion packs that cme after like supernatural and university spawn there? Also, I got dragon valley for Christmas, is there a way to get the dragon eggs into other worrlds?

3: I’ve watched house builds and seen people moving objects fluidly, not restricted to the grids, how can I do that?

4: Is there a way to get a cowplant without buying. for example genie, crypt etc

5: Lastly, can you suggest any other mods that may help me? I can only get to china to get the martial arts stuff, and haven’t found the wine making stuff in france before th game freezes. I can’t get to Egypt

Sorry for all the questions, but I am wanting to get more from my game. I got the sims 2 ultimate free, but as I never played sims2 it is confusing with everything installed at once, so I want t explore more in my game

Thank you in advnce for your time and help


Dec. 31st, 2014 12:05 am (UTC)
hi, thanks for the warnng. one of the reasons i use the saver mod is it automatically saves into 4 files, taking it in turns, so if something goes wrong i have 3 older files i can go back to. i have a 5 gen gamily start flitching really bad, this got them back more or less working, although i lost a couple of hours of gameplay for it

i'll give alt a try, thanks, can't hurt anyway!
Dec. 31st, 2014 12:17 am (UTC)
Ah okay! I always did that myself when playing, started a new save from time to time, and always saved a couple times pretty close together so the backups weren't toooo far behind. Never a bad idea to be safe with that game.

And no problem! Hopefully that's the key, but like you said, doesn't hurt to try it at all :)

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