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Welcome to simply_sims3 - A community for the Maxis game The Sims 3!
Membership is open to everyone.



The Sims 3 Official Site
Sims 3 Wiki
Here is a tutorial from The Sims 2 Wiki on how to install custom content in Sims 3 - if you're installing anything custom, reading this is a must because the process has changed from Sims 2.
Mod The Sims - A place to go for custom content and tools!
ModtheSims forum for Sims 3 help questions - Another place to look for answers if you need help with the game.
More Awesome Than You! (MATY) - A great place for technical game information, along with numerous hacks and mods. WARNING - Before you post, LURK. Try to find the answer on your own first, if you don't find it, be sure to use proper grammar and spelling in your request for information - these people are not snuggly, and will gladly spork you. But I would wager that they know more about the game than EA themselves.

The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Rules by Pinstar1161

More links will be available as the sites appear and/or update!


Because we liked the rules for thesims2, most of them are incorporated here, with just a few minor changes.

BEFORE YOU ASK A QUESTION: Check the community entry tags and community search first, your question may already be answered!

This community will use the 3 strikes rule. If you receive 3 strikes (warnings) you will be banned from the community.

Please do not lock your posts. This community should remain open to anyone who needs help and if your posts are locked, they will not show up in a search.

If you need help, provide a few-word summary of the problem in the subject.

* Everyone is allowed to post their stories or link to their story updates. You are allowed one picture (or one picture collage) outside of the lj-cut, but it must be reasonably-sized (maximum of 600 x 600 pixels).

* Picture updates: Everyone is also allowed to post random pictures/photoshoots/etc., as often as they like, but only ONE picture may be outside an LJ cut.

* Userpics/icons must be work-safe.

* Make the body of your post clear - format the text with the standard font size and colors. Please don't center entire paragraphs of text. Don't use netspeak or ALLCAPS, and try to keep the spelling/grammar decent. Sentence fragments/demands for help are not acceptable.

* If you're asking for help, try to provide some background info such as what happens, and when it happens. Also, if you can, please provide system specs. If you have hacks, custom files that modify how the game works and not just clothes and hair, please tell us which ones. For instructions on obtaining system specs, go here:
How do I find out my system specifications?

* All "nude" pics should be put behind a cut with a warning for people who surf at work/school. This includes nudes with added censor bars, as such pictures are still unacceptable in many schools/workplaces.

* You may not delete or screen comments; if there is a comment you're uncomfortable with or feel is off-topic please contact a maintainer rather than taking any action yourself.

* Nothing in violation of the LJ Terms of Service and nothing in violation of EA/Maxis's EULA and Terms of Service. No discussion of where or how to obtain illegal/pirated copies of the game or how to get EA store items for free.

* No promotions of other communities or websites are allowed without prior approval from at least one of the maintainers below (please note the maintainer who gave you permission to promote in the entry).

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